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Up to 4 players, Shared keyboard turn based
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320 × 240
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Screenshot of Stellar Conquest 3 Review:  Rating: 3.5
Stellar Conquest III is a strategy game which involves decent EGA graphics (suitable to the genre) and seems quite involved, with lots to do and lots to learn. (No relation to the ancient board game though.) In this space game you must equip, build and direct your fleet of ships to destroy your opponent(s). Fans of the space turn-based strategy genre will probably find much to like here. (According to the game's official website the game is now freeware, so use these codes to register your copy: "UserName: Unregistered User // Password: 24234")
Stellar Conquest III v1.04  - Space
Strategy wargame, VGA/mouse required.
286+ required. Design your own ships,
and play a 2 to 4 player game (any of
which can be human or computer). Select
from plasma cannons, lasers, cloaking
devices, torpedo launchers, and more
to build your fleet to compete for
resources and destroy your enemies!
                       [NecroBones] $10

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