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Screenshot of Too Many Geckos Review:  Rating: 3.5
Whether there are, in fact, too many geckos is up to you to decide, but there certainly are plenty in this strange and unique puzzle game. The puzzles involve placing blocks (pyramids) into wire frames and matching the colors and shapes of the various geckos. Sound confusing? It's difficult to describe, and even the included documentation does a poor job of it. But the game has excellent production values, and is quite unique so it's probably worth checking out and playing around with until you figure it out.
TOO MANY GECKOS! is the debut game
from Anarchy Entertainment, featuring
exquisite graphics in an incredibibly
realistic, fully texture-mapped 3-D 
environment.  Take a journey up the
Nile River in Egypt, rebuilding the
destroyed Pyramids and Temples in this
totally original and unique 3-D puzzle.
386-33, 4 megs RAM, VGA, 6 megs HD space

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