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Dungeon Hack gameplay screenshot
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Dungeon Hack screenshot
Dungeon Hack gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4.5
Dungeon Hack, as the name implies, combines some of the randomized elements that make the various roguelike "Hack" games (like Nethack and Rogue) popular, and putting them into a first-person perspective RPG. The publisher SSI was well known for their line of D&D based games, and this game fits in well with other well-known games in the genre like Eye of the Beholder. Except that the level layouts are randomized. The graphics look good and the mechanics seem to work quite well, although I have read that the game sometimes is unbalanced, which can often be the case with this sort of randomized game.
Forgotten Realms: Dungeon Hack, from SSI. Playable demo, requires VGA, supports sound.

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