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* Archived, Feb 2001
Puzzle Pits screenshot
Puzzle Pits gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Puzzle Pits is a nice looking Sokoban type game with an interesting pseudo-3D perspective. Your goal is to push all of the brown barrels onto the blue circles, turning the barrels blue. There are various hazards and interactive elements on the levels, such as pressure tiles and one-way arrows, as well as gems and keys which can be used. There are 40 levels included in the game, and it generally plays quite well, although oddly you need to hold the key for awhile in order to push the barrels; it doesn't feel like the most accurate control method. Other than that, it looks great and gives you lots of levels so if you enjoy Sokoban / Chips Challenge type stuff give it a try. (The author Abe Pralle has also released the source code.)

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