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Hamster's Adventure screenshot
Hamster's Adventure gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Sometimes called 3D Hamster's Adventure, this is a 3D "kids" game created using the Pie in the Sky 3D game creation system. Therefore it has a similar glitchy feel that is common to all Pie created games. However, this one is quite different from most others ... you are a hamster, who must collect all the fruit on the level, while killing mice by kicking them with your foot! Wow. Yup this game is quite difficult, with a swarm of deranged looking, cheese-wielding mice attacking you in waves, as you try to navigate around and collect fruit, which is not easy due to the not-so-great controls. Definitely worth a look but probably not worth too much playing time! Also although it's ostensibly for kids, I probably would not let them play it ... those mice are freaky looking.
3D Hamster's Adventure - is a fun 3D
adventure game where you assume the
role of a hamster in a colorful maze.
The object of the game is to eat all
the fruit scattered around the maze, so
the secret exit will appear. You will
encounter monsters along the way, but
you can use your strawberry grenades or
a powerful hamster kick for protection. 
Description Copyright 1997 PsL

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