Renegade Robot Retaliation screenshot
Renegade Robot Retaliation gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($10)
Single player
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320 × 200
RRRET20.ZIP - 355k - Run GO.EXE to play
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Renegade Robot Retaliation screenshot
Renegade Robot Retaliation gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2
The best part about Renegade Robot Retaliation may be its memorable name. The game is a sort of Wolf3D-ish game but with awkward gameplay, graphics, sounds, the whole works. The idea here is that you blast your way through different mazes, killing as many robots as possible to earn money to buy upgrades, and make it to the exit without dying to keep your rewards. Then you buy lasers and shields and other things. The problem is that the game plays poorly (very slow turning, long pause when you shoot an enemy) and the graphics and sound effects are not great either. Some of the robots you shoot even have vaguely Barney the Dinosaur-like heads which is a bit strange. Decent idea for a game, and it does use its own 3D engine, but the implementation is not great.
Version 2.0 -- In the year 2020, the robots 
maintaining Earth's life support systems have
revolted. Defeat the enemy robots in the 
tunnels beneath our complex using a remote 
control tank from the R3 squad. Shareware 
from Just For Me Software . (Note: The 
$10.00 registered version makes an ideal 
holiday or birthday gift).

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