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Sorcerer's Bane screenshot
Sorcerer's Bane gameplay screenshot
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Sorcerer's Bane is a little-known Roguelike RPG textmode game that has certain features that some other similar games lack, while also simplifying certain gameplay elements quite a bit compared to say Nethack or Crawl. Before beginning your Sorcerer's Bane adventure you create a character by rolling stats and choosing options. Then you venture into the dungeon, where battles are random (like in many console RPGs) and fought using a menu system (fight, cast, run, etc). Unlike most Roguelikes, you don't need to memorize a bunch of keyboard keys, you mostly just move around using the arrow keys and you will be presented with menus to choose what you want to do, like open a treasure chest or go up/down stairs. It also offers mouse support, which is something not often found in similar games, although keyboard controls work much better. If you enjoy Roguelikes and also console RPGs with random battles, and are interested in playing something a bit less intense than the big well-known Roguelikes, try this out.

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