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Seek & Destroy gameplay screenshot
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320 × 240
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Seek & Destroy screenshot
Seek & Destroy gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4.5
Seek and Destroy is an entertaining and well polished shooting game. Using superb VGA graphics and SB sound effects, the object of the game is to complete missions using either a chopper or a tank (your choice before each mission begins). The game controls fairly well and the battlefields smoothly rotate 360 degrees around your chosen battle machine. Quite a well done game overall, although it seems like for some reason it was not generally well known upon its release.
---==== Seek and Destroy: v1.0 ====---
Seek and Destroy from Safari Software.
Execute strategic missions against the
enemy in either a tank or helicopter.
Features a smooth 360 degree battlefield,
tons of action, multiple weapon upgrades
and configurations, beautiful explosions
and mass destruction. Requires a 486 or
faster PC, 4 MB RAM, VGA Graphics, and
nerves of steel. (Also look for the
optional ending animation: SEEKANIM.ZIP)

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