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Space Dude screenshot
Space Dude gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Space Dude is a professional-looking game with unique gameplay, and while it's definitely interesting I'm not sure it works well as a game. The story is that you're a ... space dude ... who has to do stuff. This is an humor / action / strategy / mini-game collection, and consists mainly (from what I can tell from the demo) of playing simple mini-games and watching short animated sequences in-between. Graphics and sounds are nicely done, but the games themselves probably won't hold your interest for very long. It's often confusing regarding what exactly you're supposed to do, and what the eventual goal of the game is, if any! Maybe good for kids?
SPACE DUDE by EvryWare published by FormGen. You'll laugh your
head off as you control a 3D dude flying on an intergalactic
surfboard in space! Can you save the princess from the evil
aliens that want to kidnap her and destroy the city? Interactive
cinematics and intensive 3D shooting action, along with a novel
game unlike anything you've ever played make Space Dude a must-
have!  This demo can be run over and over again to experience
more of the many exciting scenarios you'll have to conquer in
the complete game. Warning...the game - and the laughter - is
addictive!! :-) -Mark Shander ([email protected])

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