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Thor's Hammer Registered Version 1.77 (, 2,865k) - Registered version of the game released for free by Escape Programming. Note that the setup file requires 16-bit Windows (ex Windows 3.1) to install and will not work on modern versions of Windows natively.

Thor's Hammer DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
A unique hybrid action/RPG game that features a DOOM/Hexen-like 3D engine. This has all the usual RPG elements (wizards, magic, townsfolk, evil monsters, chests ...) but in a fully 3D world. The graphics are somewhere between Wolfenstein-3D and DOOM in terms of quality. The game does show a lot of care has gone into its construction, from the opening cinema to the townsfolk to the active battle system. (No turn-based stuff here!) Overall a very interesting action/RPG game.
Thor's Hammer by MVP Software, a 3D graphical
adventure. As in ages past, the shadow of a
great evil falls across our homeland. A
champion must once again take up our cause to
quell the encroaching darkness. If you are
that champion, you will find yourself gripped
in an adventure of mythic proportions. Our
situation is grave, young warrior, and it is
in desperation that we turn to you. Req 5 meg
RAM and 486+ is recommended. Version 1.1.

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