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Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1994 DOS game screenshot
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Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1994 DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
This special freeware version of the classic Sonic-inspired jumping & shooting game from Epic Megagames was released at Christmas time in 1994 to promote the full version of Epic's Jazz Jackrabbit series. The Jazz games of course combine the fast speed of the Sonic games along with shooting action. This "Holiday Hare" version includes the great graphics, smooth animation, wonderful music and excellent controls of the other Jazz games, along with a winter/holiday theme and some bonus "3D" gem collecting stages.
░░ NEW! Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition ░░
This is an all-new CHRISTMAS EDITION of Jazz
Jackrabbit, the breakthrough PC thriller
that won Best Arcade Game of the Year!
100% New levels, new 3D bonus stages, new
rockin' holiday music, and more!  This is
Epic's Christmas present to you, so be
sure to try Jazz for true ground breaking
ACTION like nothing seen before on the PC.
Shareware from EPIC MEGAGAMES.
[Note: The original Jazz is not required]

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