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Lizard screenshot
Lizard gameplay screenshot
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If you enjoyed the old-school style platforming games of the NES, you'll likely enjoy Lizard, a new game that was actually developed for the original Nintendo system (it was even released on cartridges) and later ported to DOS. You play as a lizard of course, actually one of six different lizards that can be discovered / changed into throughout the game world. The graphics and sounds of this game really bring to mind the days of the NES. The gameplay reminds me somewhat of Legacy of the Wizard, I mean how the jumping and and platforming feel, and the differing scrolling of the different areas. Definitely a game to check out if you're a fan of NES platformers and/or DOS games; a great technical achievement for sure to port it over! The demo version includes a small taste of what you'll find in the full game.

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