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Rooms of the Abyss screenshot
Rooms of the Abyss gameplay screenshot
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Rooms of the Abyss is a basic first-person perspective dungeon crawling game. Your quest is to ... well there's a long story in the MANUAL.TXT file (which you may want to look at anyways for gameplay controls / tips) but it doesn't really matter. You need to wander through the dungeons, slaying monsters, finding keys, and unlocking doors until you find your way to the next level. There is an automap feature which is nice. However the combat seems pretty basic and uninteresting. The graphics draw slowly using basic shapes, so the gameplay proceeds slowly as well. Also, it took me a few moments to realize that the left and right arrows actually make your character STRAFE and not TURN, so you can't actually TURN AROUND in this game. You just go forward, back, and side to side! Weird. One of the authors has released the full version for free and so you can download / play the registered version here.

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