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Screenshot of Aspetra Review:  Rating: 3.5
Aspetra is a console-style RPG in the veign of classic RPGs like Dragon Quest and the older Final Fantasy games. It clearly takes influence from those sort of games in terms of style and storytelling. The story involves wizards, political (village) intrigue, and other common fantasy game themes. Battles are turn-based and result from random encounters whenever you leave town. There are plenty of weapons, armor, and items to collect, as well as baddies to battle with. If you enjoy old-school console-style RPGs this one is a polished, if not particularly unique, addition to the genre.
Get ready for the Role-Playing event
of the decade!  Over three years in
the making!  Never before has a
computer RPG offered such a rich,
involving story, to complement a
perfectly designed Role-Plaing
experience.  Only $28 to register!
Supports VGA and Soundblaster.

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