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320 × 200

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Clyde's Adventure DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Clyde's Adventure is the first in the (short) series of Clyde games (followed by Clyde's Revenge). The game is quite simple: Run and jump around the level (and use your magic wand) to collect gems and life orbs to keep yourself alive (your Energy constantly counts down so you have to keep finding life orbs). There are no enemies to worry about so you're dealing with enironmental hazards and your pseudo-timer only. These games were sort of the prototype to the more complex Hocus Pocus games.
│         Clyde's Adventure - V3.0         │
Help Clyde on his quest for lost treasure
through 16 deadly castles. Game play offers
four way smooth scrolling, animation, traps,
puzzles, twists and hilarious surprises at
every turn. Challenging and amazingly
addictive! This game requires EGA/VGA
graphics and a 286 processor or better.
Supports the Adlib music card. Digitized
voices and sound effects for Sound Blaster.
Don't miss this game!

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