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Screenshot of Madman Review:  Rating: 3
Dr. Dungeon seems to have been (or still is?) a prolific creator of classic-style RPG games. In his own words, his games are intended to "retain the classic flavor of games like Ultima 7, Fallout and Baldur's Gate." So if you like those games, you may like this. Madman is an isometric perspective RPG with decidedly retro graphics and PC beeper sound effects. If you yearn for the days of yore (PC RPG days of yore that is) then you may want to play this. (As per the directions on the official website, press the '&' key during the game and type "MACH" to register it.)
MADMAN Version 1.0
DOS - WIN - Win95
Welcome to MADMAN, the latest role playing
game by Dr. Dungeon and the Castle of The
Mach Gryphon. MADMAN combines elements of
role playing and adventure in the tradition
of games like Ultima 6 & 7. You are outcast
from your own land and declared a madman by
your own people, after a series of
unfortunate occurances and the possible
loss of your own sister.
The game uses a sophisticated real-world
system in which all objects in the game
function as their real-life counterparts,
from sheering a sheep for wool, to
creating bombs from natural resources.
A must-see for rpg enthusiasts!

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