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xTetris screenshot
xTetris gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
xTetris is a competent version of the classic Tetris game which introduces a few unique elements which make playing it quite a bit different from the basic Tetris game. The most obvious and notable are the lack of traditional Tetris piece shapes. Instead most often triangle pieces fall in groups of two and you will need to try to position the triangles so that they form complete squares with existing triangles in the well. Normal squares will also fall, as well as "X" pieces which will destroy whichever piece they land on. Definitely difficult to play, but also a unique twist on the classic game which may appeal to fans looking for something different. (Note: Although it's not obvious why, this game is not appropriate for kids. The art of the final level is "adults only"!)

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