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Toxic the Groundhog screenshot
Toxic the Groundhog gameplay screenshot
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Toxic the Groundhog does not actually have any similarities to the Sonic the Hedgehog games, besides the name it parodies. Instead, it is a sort of Boulderdash clone where the object is to collect barrels of toxic waste and then make your way to the exit. Like Boulderdash, there are boulders that fall and will crush you if you're not careful. If you're particularly skilled, you can use them to kill enemies like green blobs and floating eyes. There are a couple of problem with the game, like the fact that you don't know how many barrels you need to collect on each level (and the levels scroll so you have no idea where they are or where the exit is). You also start the game with only one life, so if you die, it's game over. You do earn a life when you pass a level, but the game can be inappropriately challenging due to the fast moving enemies that don't give you much time to react.

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