Thanatos 3D screenshot
Thanatos 3D gameplay screenshot
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320 × 200
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26000 (Approximate)
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Thanatos 3D screenshot
Thanatos 3D gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2
Thanatos 3D is an obscure FPS that was released in 1998. For reference, this is five years after DOOM, and two years after Quake. However the engine has more in common with Wolfenstein 3D or moreso perhaps with Blake Stone. The object of each mission is to collect five stones of power. There are a lot of missions (including many more in the registered version). The graphics are decent and appropriately creepy, but grainy, and the game seems to run slowly but that may be due to DOSBox. It seems to use its own proprietary engine. One nice feature is the automap which shows where you have been. Overall a strange oddity of a game that clearly look a lot of work to create, but was outclassed by many other games by the time of its release.
THANATOS 3D - Army of the Night - is a
3-D shoot-em-up game where you must
fight a mad magician's evil army and
recover the five magic stones that will
thwart his plan to conquer the world.
There is lots action as you fight
monsters, discover secret transporters,
and collect treasures and power ups.
Description Copyright 1998 PsL

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