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Screenshot of Robomaze II Review:  Rating: 3
Robomaze 2 is an EGA sidescrolling game made by MVP Software. The game involves lots of jumping and item collection, as well as some light shooting action. The story involves a robot climbing a tower to stop some sort of tyrannical dictator. You also collect money which can be used to buy powerups. The game is decent, and it seems as though a lot of effort went into it but the gameplay is not very exciting.
Robomaze II: The Lobby MVP Software 
Fast-paced action game selected by PsL
News as one of the best arcade games of
1991.  Battle evil robots in your quest
as a freedom fighter.  This is one of
most popular shareware games ever, with
over 20,000 registered copies sold!
Colorful graphics on EGA/VGA; supports CGA.

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