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Super Stardust gameplay screenshot
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Super Stardust screenshot
Super Stardust gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Super Stardust is a sequel to a SHMUP game which features great graphics and sound effects. It was released for DOS in 1996, a few years after it appeared on Amiga computers and the Amiga32 video game console. Like the first game, it features white-knuckle overhead shooting action a-la-Asteroids, but the sequel also includes 3D tunnels you must blast your way through. Although visually impressive, I found it extremely difficult to navigate the 3D tunnels and judge where the ship is, in relation to the asteroids and other obstacles. They probably started the demo in one of the tunnels due to its visual impact, but it doesn't leave the greatest first impression. Nevertheless this is a great looking and impressive game for the DOS platform.

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