Turbo Death Race screenshot
Turbo Death Race gameplay screenshot
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Up to 2 players, Shared keyboard competitive
For Kids:
320 × 200
DOSBox Cycles:
500 (Approximate)
Turbo Death Race screenshot
Turbo Death Race gameplay screenshot
tdr.zip - 38k - Run TDR.COM to play
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Turbo Death Race has nothing to do with the early 1976 arcade game. It's more like the Tron lightcycles game where the object is to draw a line and avoid crashing into your own line or your opponent's. This is a two-player game with minimal features: Drive and try not to crash! Okay there are a few options in the menu, like having pedestrians that sometimes walk around. There are CGA graphics and PC speaker sound effects, so despite there being no easy way to date this game conclusively (the files are dated 01-01-1980) I guessed at a 1988 release. Still could be fun if you have two players willing to share a keyboard and play against each other!
Make sure Num Lock is off when you start the game! Then turn it on once the game goes through its initial configuration.

Player 1:
T Up
B Down
F Left
H Right
S Slower
X Faster

Player 2 (use numeric keypad):
Up Up
Down Down
Left Left
Right Right
- Slower
+ Faster

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Game will not be saved after closing your browser. Download and install the game if you want to save.
CTRL-F12 attempts to speed up game, CTRL-F11 attempts to slow it down. See Instructions section above for help playing the game!

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