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Snoopy's Game Club screenshot
Snoopy's Game Club gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4.5
Snoopy's Game Club is a collection of three simple Peanuts comic themed games intended for kids. The three games it contains are:

Snoopy's Animated Puzzles - Jigsaw puzzles which can be broken into different numbers of pieces. The images are actually animated which is a nice touch and aids in solving the puzzles.

Charlie Brown's Picture Pairs - A Concentration ("make a match") style game of card matching.

Woodstock's Look-Alikes - Another matching game, this time you have to find the two objects that match exactly from among many similar-looking objects.

The games play well and have fun Peanuts themes. This demo version allows you to try out each game without giving you all of the options of the full product. The demo is also single-player only.

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