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YAB Baseball DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
YAB Baseball is a fairly average strategy-focused baseball game, with a couple of features and quirks that make it interesting. First, its graphics are charming (though its sounds are mostly annoying). Second, the individual photos used for each batter make me wonder if the author rounded up his friends and/or coworkers and forced them to have their picture taken to be digitized into the game. Finally, the control scheme is a bit unique/complicated. If you want a DOS-based baseball game, your options are rather limited, so give it a shot ... (What does YAB stand for? My guess is Yet Another Baseball? But that would make the full name Yet Another Baseball! Baseball ...)
█│ Y.A.B. Baseball for DOS! │█ ──────────
Batter up! This Nintendo-like 1992 baseball
game is shareware from Germany. Designed by
Tom Freben. Requires VGA, mouse, minimum 286
CPU. AdLib sound support, too!  Use 500K of
memory to play.  Approx. $13 U.S. to register.
It's _entertaining!_  Fun!  Try it out!
════════════════ YAB.ZIP ═══════════════

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