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Doc Defiant screenshot
Doc Defiant gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Doc Defiant is a game about a board game ("Battle Skimmers") with an elaborate story behind it involving a mad scientist who plans to freeze the entire world unless he is delivered all the world's gold! However the introduction story (which plays every time you start the game, keep hitting F2 to skip it) has nothing to do with the board game you play. It's a game of strategy and luck as you roll dice and move your pieces, attempting to move them all to the other side. If at least one of each players' pieces are in the same column at the end of a turn, they "battle" (whichever side has the higher total wins) and the losing side has to return all pieces in the column back to the start. It plays well enough and could be fun for someone who enjoys this sort of strategic board game.
DOC DEFIANT v1.0  - Can you stop the 
dastardly Doc Defiant from unleashing his 
freeze ray equipped satellite against Earth? 
To triumph, you'll have to defeat four of 
Defiant's henchmen in a board game requiring 
logic and strategy. You are the planet's last
defense; don't let everyone down. Requires 
286 (or faster), EGA or VGA. Hard disk and 
mouse recommended. Shareware from Just For Me
Software. $12.95 for trilogy.

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