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Beats Of Rage DOS game screenshot
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Up to 2 players, Simultaneous co-op
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No. Violence and/or sexual content
320 × 240

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Beats Of Rage DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 5
If you've ever played Streets of Rage (in an arcade or for any of Sega's old home console systems) you'll know what to expect from Beats of Rage. This game aims to recreate the classic series. They have done a great job, and the game looks great. A lot of the graphics have been ripped directly from popular fighting games (not just the SoR series) and the game plays very well. There's also a Windows version of the "OpenBOR" remake available at if the DOS version isn't working for you. (Note that the size of the .zip file for the DOS version of the game is 54megs!)

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