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Shadowkeep is a very old-school 3D-ish RPG in the vein of Dungeon Hack or the Might & Magic series or any other 3D dungeon crawling PC RPG. You start out in the woods (among some very blocky-looking trees) and basically must wander around to figure out what to do. It's somewhat open ended but it can be tricky finding your way around (use the map). This one is for fans of the 3D RPG game only, others will likely be bored and/or frustrated quickly.
Shadow Keep. A Might & Magic 1 person Type
Clone. By Magic Lemon Software. Kbrd,Mouse,
SoundBoard. A Very Nice Role Playing Game.
This 3D world allows you to battle monsters,
gather treasure. Your mission is of cource to
explore the surrounding areas and at all
times be on the defense of predator's. A save
game feature is included. Quite well done...
Place archive in dir of choice and select
it. Is self extracting .

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