Moraff's Monster Memory screenshot
Moraff's Monster Memory gameplay screenshot
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Shareware (Unknown)
Up to 2 players, Turn-based competitive
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640 × 480
Moraff's Monster Memory screenshot
Moraff's Monster Memory gameplay screenshot
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Moraff's Monster Memory is a simple card-matching game, like the classic Concentration game, or any number of other "flip over two cards" games. After flipping two cards, if they match you keep them flipped up. If they don't match, you flip them back over. Your goal is to keep going until you have all cards flipped over. This game offers single player or two player mode where you take turns. It doesn't offer much beyond that. The graphics have that odd quality that all Moraffware games have; playing using one of the higher res modes (like 640x480) is recommended here because otherwise you may not be able to easily distinguish some of the graphics on the tiles!

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