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Screenshot of Gateworld Review:  Rating: 3.5
My first thought when playing this game was "Alright! It looks like Duke Nukem!". GateWorld has undoubtedly been largely influenced by the original sidescrolling Duke Nukem games, which is not a bad thing. GateWorld's graphics, sounds and overall gameplay have the feel of an early Apogee game. Unfortunately this game is not as polished as Apogee's offerings, as there are some gameplay quirks (limited ammo, camera that doesn't show far enough ahead) that limit the fun a bit. Still an enjoyable game in the platform genre.
▌▌▌▌ GateWorld  By  HomeBrew Software! ▌▌▌▌
Captian Klondike meets the G.O.R.G. machine
in Part 1: "The Seed Ship".  Over 2 Megs
compressed graphics. Full Adlib soundtrack.
Support for over 12 different sound cards.
Story and epilogue sequences, demo mode,
save/restore, hints, preview, and MORE!
Requires VGA, 560K RAM, 386 or better.
Sound card and joystick optional. Needs
PKUNZIP 2.04 to extract. (v2.0)    

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