Wall Street Raider screenshot
Wall Street Raider gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($25)
Up to 4 players, Turn based shared keyboard competitive
For Kids:
640 × 400
DOSBox Cycles:
3000 (Approximate)
Wall Street Raider screenshot
Wall Street Raider gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Wall Street Raider (full name "Wall $treet Raider - The Corporate Takeover Game / Simulation") is a financial business simulation game for 2-5 players where the object is to take $1billion and turn it into ... an even bigger fortune, I guess! To do so you'll invest in companies and try to maximize your investments. The author attended Harvard so I guess he knows what he's talking about with business stuff. There are a LOT of menus and things to do in this text-based game, which was first created in 1986 and continues to receive updates to this day, albeit in a Windows remake first released in 2001. Check out the modern game at www.wallstreetraider.com/ if you like the old DOS version!
WALL $TREET RAIDER v5.3 --The corporate
takeover game and simulation -- the ultimate 
in gritty realism. Simulates a "real-time" 
stock market, with constantly moving stock 
ticker, financial news headlines, as you 
attempt to react to ever-changing economic 
model. Invest in any of 250 companies (IBM, 
GM, etc.) in 36 industries. 1 to 4 players, 
or play against computer. Unique, exciting 

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