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BARS gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($25)
Single player
For Kids:
320 × 200
DOSBox Cycles:
7000 (Approximate)
BARS screenshot
BARS gameplay screenshot
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This game works in DOSBox but not currently in-browser. Please download and play on your device. How to use DOSBox Review:  Rating: 4
BARS is an action / puzzle game that is a little Tetris-esque but has a whole different playing style. Like Tetris, the object is to keep the blocks from reaching the top of the screen. Like Columns, matching three of the same symbol clears the matching blocks from the playing area. Here however blocks continually are added from the bottom, and you move blocks around at the top of the four stacks in order to make matches and keep the pile down long enough to complete the stage. It's a neat idea and although it takes some getting used to, it generally plays well, with easily distinguishable blocks and usable controls. (NOTE: This program seems to check the file modification dates and gets an error if they are not set to 1994, so due to the way browser play works, this game will not currently work in-browser. Please download it and run it in DOSBox on your own machine.)
Bars distributed by HomeBrew Software is
an action puzzle game. There are four bars
made of various types of stones.  The bars
grow and the aim is to keep them down long
enough to complete each level.  Requires:
556K RAM, VGA.  Adlib(tm)/Soundblaster(tm)
optional. (v1.0)  

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