Lords of Doom: The Black God screenshot
Lords of Doom: The Black God gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($15)
Single player
For Kids:
640 × 480
DOSBox Cycles:
8000 (Approximate)
lod1.zip - 495k - Run LOD.EXE to play
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Lords of Doom: The Black God screenshot
Lords of Doom: The Black God gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Lords of Doom: The Black God is an interesting but difficult and disorienting traditional CRPG. The developer is from Poland, which may explain the sometimes awkward grammar and prevalent spelling mistakes ("right" is usually spelled "rigth"). The story involves a kingdom overrun by demons, and your character (which you generate at the start of the game) is of course the only one that can stop them. To do so, you wander around a desert and kill things, sometimes finding items or people to talk to. I haven't made it very far, and the mouse-driven interface, while in some ways nicer than a typical keyboard-based scheme, takes some getting used to.

NOTE: The author has released a code to access the full game. Instructions from the official website: "Lords of Doom is now freeware, you may use serial number sn38689825 to upgrade it to the full version."

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