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Rodge Rock in Retroactive gameplay screenshot
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320 × 200
RODGE100.ZIP - 209k - Run RODGE.EXE to play
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Rodge Rock in Retroactive screenshot
Rodge Rock in Retroactive gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Rodge Rock isn't a household name like Duke Nukem (although he may have been influenced by him) BUT he and his game deserve a bit more recognition. Rodge Rock is a badass with a jetpack who flies around levels blasting everything around! The engine the developers created here is quite impressive, with subtle 3D effects going on in the background and large, well-drawn sprites to go along with the rocking soundtrack. There is a good variety of enemies to fight and powerups to collect. The main fault of the game seems to be its level design, which is sort of all over the place and it's a bit confusing where to go and whether you're even making progress in the level.
Rodge Rock in Retro Active. A shoot em up with Rodge Rock flying around blowing up these cute creatures.

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