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Single player
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320 × 240

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Trugg DOS game screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
Trugg is a Boulderdash clone, but it's a decent one. As in Boulderdash (and it's numerous copycats) the object is to complete the various levels without getting crushed by boulders or killed by other hazards, while using different objects to help you to the exit. The graphics and sounds are decent enough but nothing exciting. The shareware version includes 20 levels, not enough for extended play but enough to keep you entertained for awhile.
TRUGG v1.0
A superb DOS arcade puzzle game featuring
stunning fully-rendered 3D graphics
throughout, extensive in-game animation and a
heart pumping soundtrack. Guide Trugg through
20 cavernous conundrums collecting treasures
while avoiding boulders, guns, forcefields
and guardians. Registered version includes
WYSIWYG level editor. Requires 386 or above, 
VGA, 560kb, Soundblaster or compatible 

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