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Baryon gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($24.95)
Up to 2 players, Simultaneous cooperative shared keyboard joystick
For Kids:
256 × 200
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Baryon screenshot
Baryon gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Baryon is a little-known shoot-em-up, created by unknown South Korean developer ACRO Studio. The gameplay is similar to most vertically scrolling shooting games, but what sets this game apart is all of the crazy action going on. There's stuff blowing up left and right, along with a rocking Soundblaster soundtrack and some impressive graphical effects. (This game uses an obscure 256x200 video mode, perhaps to allow for all its graphical trickery?) There are different powerups available, as well as two different ships you can choose, each with its own abilities. The main problem with the game is that it's sometimes quite difficult to see the bullets and other things that will kill you. But it's an impressive looking game that's fun to play. Personally I die pretty quickly but if you're a shmup fan maybe you'll actually finish the first level ... there's only one level included in the shareware version. (Run GO.EXE to start the game.)
▓▓               B A R Y O N                 ▓▓
▓▓ Baryon is the greatest shoot 'em ever     ▓▓
▓▓ devised for the PC. You must pilot your   ▓▓
▓▓ ship against a relentless onslaught of    ▓▓
▓▓ alien craft, both in the air and on the   ▓▓
▓▓ ground. Features fast, smooth scrolling   ▓▓
▓▓ graphics with a fluid maneuverability and ▓▓
▓▓ a rocking soundtrack.                     ▓▓
▓▓ Requires: 386SX+, VGA, 4MB RAM.           ▓▓
▓▓      Distributed by The Game Factory.     ▓▓

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