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Original archive (, 238k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file is the original.

Standard Galactic Alphabet (keen-standard-galactic-alphabet.jpg, 62k) - The official reference to translate the Standard Galactic Alphabet "language" (substitution cipher) used on signs in the Keen games.

Screenshot of Commander Keen Review:  Rating: 4
This is the first game (the shareware one) in the original Commander Keen series, "Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons". I thought that this game was SO amazing when I first played it (many years ago), and it's still quite fun now. It features great graphics (for EGA) and some not-so-annoying PC speaker sound effects. At the time, it was quite innovative due to the way that the screen smoothly scrolls. The engine was originally pitched to Nintendo for a PC Mario game, but since that never happened, Commander Keen was born to make use of it. The jumping and pogo-sticking (yes, that's a word) take a bit of getting used to ... otherwise, a great, classic Apogee platformer which spawned numerous sequels and an unofficial "mascot" for this website. :)
  │▌█▐█▐█▌███  COMMANDER KEEN  ███▐█▌█▌█▐│
Five months straight as the number one
selling shareware program--unprecedented!.
This vivid EGA game has four-way scrolling
levels and great arcade action. No other
IBM game as ever duplicated Nintendo action
better.  You're lost on Mars, battling the
Vorticons.  Dozens of great features.

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