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640 × 400
Screenshot of Palace of Deceit

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Play online in browser Review:  Rating: 3.5
"Palace of Deceit: The Secret of Castle Lockemoer" (nice name) is a text adventure game, with one main differentiating factor that makes it stand out from the rest: It provides colorful ASCII pictures of each location that you visit. This simple addition actually adds a lot to the experience, and overall the presentation of the game is well done, using a storybook-like aesthetic. The text adventure itself is pretty basic, and the parser simply spews back "I don't get it!" at you whenever you type a command that it doesn't understand. It was also made by Cliff Bleszinski, formerly of Epic Games, before he made it big working on games like Unreal and Gears of War. (See the !READ!.DIS file for some instructions and tips on verbs to type.)

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