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Chase gameplay screenshot
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Single player
For Kids:
640 × 400
DOSBox Cycles:
1600 (Approximate)
Chase screenshot
Chase gameplay screenshot
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Chase (not to be confused with the other text-mode game also called Chase) is a strange game where the object is to avoid your enemies as long as possible. You start off with the map almost entirely filled in, except for you an a single enemy. You need to dig a path and hope that the monsters don't catch you! There are several monster types, each with their own movement patterns. (See the included CHASE.TXT file for details, but you can probably figure them out just by playing once and watching.) Your goal is to confused them by digging varied paths. The playing field is 100x40 which is a bit larger than a single screen so it "scrolls" (slowly) when you get near an edge. I'm not sure how well all of this actually works in practice, but it's an interesting attempt! Note that I'm not sure exactly how fast this is supposed to run, and the slower it goes, the higher your high scores will be. So, you're pretty much competing against yourself, or others who run at the same speed! (Cycles here are set to 1600.)

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