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500 (Approximate)
Space screenshot
Space gameplay screenshot
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Space is an unambitiously named shoot-em-up game made in 1985. (It's also called "Space Adventure" at the top of the instructions screen, but since there's already a game called Space Adventure on this website, I went with just "Space" as it says on the title screen.) It features bland CGA graphics and doesn't offer a lot in the gameplay department. You have a ship, and you must shoot the aliens. That's it! Kill 'em all and you move to the next level. There are a couple options you set before the game begins but the basic gameplay doesn't seem to change much. Unfortunately it seems nearly impossible to get past the second level, since the enemy ships shoot at you immediately when you enter their range of fire. I'm sure someone remembers this game from their youth though so I'm still including it on this website ... Note: When exiting the game it gives an error that a certain file is missing. I haven't been able to find a copy of this game that includes more than just the SPACE.EXE file. If you have a fuller copy with the additional file(s) please let me know. Thanks!

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