Vigilance on Talos V screenshot
Vigilance on Talos V gameplay screenshot
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* Archived, Jun 1997
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Vigilance on Talos V screenshot
Vigilance on Talos V gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Vigilance on Talos V is an obscure Metroid-esque action/platformer set in a sci-fi world where everything is out to kill you! You're a mercenary, and the Xenos have kidnapped your daughter! Use your guns to get her back! The graphics and sounds here are decent enough, and the gameplay takes obvious cues from Metroid. Even in the way you shoot open convex-shaped doors to open them, or can transform into a ball referred to as a "Saturn Ball". Missiles, energy tanks, yup they're all here. So it should be fun? The controls are not bad but feel a bit touchy. Enemies pop out suddenly and are hard to kill.

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