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Puzzy screenshot
Puzzy gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Puzzy is a 256-color picture puzzle game. It aims to offer a digital version of a jigsaw puzzle. Unlike most PC versions of jigsaw puzzles, this one uses pieces that are actually somewhat typical jigsaw puzzle shaped instead of just squares. To start you choose a picture, then it's broken up into pieces and you need to find the correct ones to put it back together, using the mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts. (Make sure to check the included docs or in-game instructions.) The way it's done here is a little confusing; the pieces are spread around the board where you places them, and you need to look at each "section" to see the different pieces and figure out where they go. Also the few pictures included are not good, it's difficult to discern one part from another since they are so bland and same-y; one puzzle has a large horizontal stretch of white across the top so all of those pieces look identical. Not a bad idea but execution is a little off.

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