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Views: 3,5581998SharewareAdventure Dirk Vander Wilt
Kasia is an ambitious Zelda-inspired action / adventure game which takes place in a mysterious world. You have been … VIEW


Views: 3,5521994FreewareTraditional (Board Games) Sylvain Quin
Thor is a strangely named Othello program. You can play against the PC or against another human opponent sharing the … VIEW

Microlink Crux

Views: 3,5341991SharewarePuzzle Bob Lancaster
Microlink Crux is a text-mode puzzle game where the object, according to its author, is to place "multicolored … VIEW

Bert's Dinosaurs

Views: 3,5301992SharewareEducational / Kids Theron Wierenga
Bert's Dinosaurs is a children's coloring book / stamp activity program. You can choose from a couple of different … VIEW

Crystal Madness

Views: 3,5201995SharewarePuzzle Mark Davis
Crystal Madness is a Boulderdash-like game where the goal is to collect all of the purple crystals hidden on each level. … VIEW

Super Roco Bros

Views: 3,5202000SharewareSidescrolling Outhouse Software
Super Rosco Bros is an unabashed clone of the Super Mario Bros series from Nintendo. (One of the authors even jokingly … VIEW


Views: 3,5181995SharewarePuzzle MegaBusters
Switch is a puzzle game with well-done graphics and interesting gameplay mechanics. This DOS version is a port of the … VIEW

A Clue's Solution

Views: 3,5131991SharewarePuzzle Richard G. Nikula
A Clue's Solution (sometimes called The Game of ACluSl) is a text-mode word / puzzle game. The game's docs describe it's … VIEW

Black Box

Views: 3,5121993SharewarePuzzle Michael Haugrud
Black Box is a puzzle game with randomized layouts every time you play. The object is to discover the locations of balls … VIEW
Tags: puzzle  laser  balls  logic  random

RVS Bug Shoot

Views: 3,5021995FreewareAction Rouge Valley Software
Bug Shoot is a basic shooting game. Really, it was coded in Quick Basic. Anywho, there is a bug bouncing around on the … VIEW

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