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Pulsar Flux

Views: 1,2551998SharewareSidescrolling Cheegrah Interactive
Pulsar Flux is a production-heavy platform shooting / adventure game, with impressive graphics and sound effects but … VIEW

FBI Fred

Views: 1,2471992SharewareSidescrolling Richard Spezzano
FBI Fred is a strange EGA platforming game starring "FBI Fred" who looks a little like the OG Duke Nukem and spends his … VIEW

EGA EcoMaster

Views: 1,2461992SharewareSimulation / Strategy Cascoly Software
EcoMaster is "an ecology simulation in which you try to predict how animals will survive in a series of different … VIEW


Moria is an early turn-based textmode roguelike game that help define the genre. It plays similarly to Rogue … VIEW


Views: 1,2341996FreewareAction Jorgen Fog
Gnasher is a Pac-Man like game where the goal is to collect all the cookies on the level. Your "gnasher" must eat all … VIEW

Space Invaders

Views: 1,2321996FreewareClassic HM Software
Most clones of popular arcade games change the names of the original games at least slightly, but nope, this game … VIEW

Moraff's Pinball

Views: 1,2301989SharewareSimulation / Strategy MoraffWare
Moraff's Pinball is a bit of an outlier for the Moraffware family of games, since the other games fit into the RPG or … VIEW


Views: 1,2291992FreewarePuzzle Intelligent Educational Software
Krypto is a substitution cypher program where you must decypher the given phrase or passage. By deducing clues from the … VIEW


Turbo Bridge allows you to play the card game of Bridge on your computer which uses text mode. Up to four human players … VIEW

Pool Shark

Views: 1,2231993SharewareSports Eduline Software Productions
Pool Shark is a pool simulation game. It's you against the CPU (there doesn't seem to be any way to play a two-player … VIEW

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