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Views: 1,1401995SharewarePuzzle Jeremy Pflasterer
Minefield! is a Minesweeper variant where the object is to guide your smiley-face guy from one corner of the board to … VIEW

NOW: A Computer Chess Program

NOW is a chess program where you play against the CPU. According to the docs, it was a powerful chess program at the … VIEW

Bridge Hopper

Views: 1,1131990FreewareAction I. Harness
Bridge Hopper is a simple timing & reflexes game, similar to the old Game & Watch series of games by Nintendo. A … VIEW


Views: 1,1052004Full versionAction PLBM Games
Viper is a fairly basic Snake / Nibbles clone. The goal is to eat the various "treasures" that appear, while avoiding … VIEW

Love Manager

Views: 1,0931992SharewareAction Victor Aliyev
Love Manager (or as it's displayed in the game, L♥ve Manager) is an action / arcade game that is sort of a cross … VIEW

Voyage to the Planet Earth

Views: 1,0381993SharewareMiscellaneous WWW Software
Voyage to the Planet Earth only barely fits into the category of "game" but it's so cool that I couldn't help including … VIEW

MadMix Game

Views: 1,0352000FreewareClassic Enrique Huerta
Maxmix is a freeware Pac-Man like game which features a zoomed-in perspective. The game plays basically the same as … VIEW

Morbius' Isthmus

Views: 1,0331992SharewareRole Playing (RPG) Dr Dungeon
Morbius' Isthmus is one of several CRPG fantasy games developed by Robert J. Deutsch, aka Dr Dungeon, a prolific creator … VIEW
Tags: rpg  fantasy  dungeons  ega

Super Silverbrothers

Views: 1,0311992FreewareSidescrolling Ken Silverman
Super Silverbrothers is Ken Silverman's nod to Super Mario-esque platformers. It shows off screen scrolling in multiple … VIEW

Exploding Atoms

Views: 1,0161992SharewarePuzzle InteReS
Exploding Atoms is a game of reactions. Each player (or CPU if you play against the computer) takes turns placing their … VIEW

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