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Double Snake

Views: 3,2771993FreewareAction A. Troshin
Double Snake is a quite competent version of the popular Snake / Nibbles type game. It has decent controls (featuring … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  food  worm

Wari - The Ancient Game of Africa

Views: 3,2661994Full versionTraditional (Board Games) ImagiSOFT Inc
Wari is an ancient board game which goes by many other names like Awari, Mancala, and Oware. The object is to capture 25 … VIEW

Rocks 486

Views: 3,2631993SharewareClassic Paul H. Kahler
Rocks 486 is an Asteroids clone which provides you with a decent arcade-like experience. Gameplay and graphics are very … VIEW


Views: 3,2581986SharewareSidescrolling Robert Kemmetmueller
Ninja is a very early CGA platforming game. You are a ninja, and must defeat all of the "black-belt karate fighters" who … VIEW

Spectrum Sorcery

Views: 3,2331993SharewarePuzzle David Bollinger
Spectrum Sorcery is a two-player strategy / puzzle game (human vs human or human vs PC) where the object is to turn the … VIEW

Pong Worz

Views: 3,2272003FreewareBall & Paddle Lachie Dazdarian
Pong Worz is a competently made Pong game, with a few graphical improvements and gameplay modifications to keep things … VIEW

Mine Field

Views: 3,2251994SharewarePuzzle Expert Source Code Inc
Mine Field is a version of the popular Minesweeper (TM) type game that was freely available in many versions of Windows. … VIEW

One Arm Bandit

Views: 3,1941991SharewareMiscellaneous Computer Specialties
One Arm Bandit is a very simple slot machine simulation game, with an inordinate amount of documentation included. The … VIEW

Know It? DOS 5.0 Volume 1

Views: 3,1781993SharewareEducational / Kids Silver & Sage Software
Know It? DOS 5.0 Volume 1 is, as you might expect, a quiz game on the MS-DOS operating system, specifically version 5.0, … VIEW


Views: 3,1671988SharewareSidescrolling STD Research
OSBIT is a platforming game, but only in a loose sense that would've been applicable back in 1988. Your goal is to … VIEW

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