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Alpha Man

Views: 8,8851992SharewarePuzzle Soleau Software
Alpha Man is a word-based puzzle game, although any symbols could have been used instead of words & letters. The object … VIEW

Amy's First Primer

Views: 3,7601985SharewareEducational / Kids Computing Specialties
Amy's First Primer is an educational game for preschool age kids. The author made it for his daughter Amy, who in the … VIEW

Brandon's Big Lunchbox

Views: 841989SharewareEducational / Kids Joey Robichaux
Brandon's Big Lunchbox (or sometimes Brandon's BigBox) is a collection of twenty-six educational games for 3-7 year olds … VIEW


Views: 9831994SharewarePuzzle ComputerEase
JumbleSquares is a word game, which shares superficial similarities to Boggle. However, this game is totally different, … VIEW


Views: 8291991SharewarePuzzle Dennis J. Yelton
Puzzlers is a sliding-puzzle game where the object is to return the puzzle to its original state by sliding whole rows … VIEW

Textris (original)

Views: 9631996SharewareTetris Style Thomas G. Hanlin III
Textris by Thomas G. Hanlin III is the original version of Textris by Loren Blaney. So if this isn't the Textris that … VIEW

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