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Micro! Deluxe gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($12)
Single player
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320 × 240
Micro! Deluxe screenshot
Micro! Deluxe gameplay screenshot
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Original archive (MDLX1.ZIP, 483k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file MDLX1.ZIP is the original. Review:  Rating: 3
Micro! Deluxe is an unnecessarily exuberant puzzle game (due to the exclamation point, you see) which involves angling mirrors to collect all of the blue balls on the level. To do so, you move around the level, pushing things, turning mirrors, flipping switches, and generally clearing the path for the single laser to bounce around and hit all of the blue balls when it fires. There is no time limit so you can plan your moves carefully. The graphics are a bit plain, even for a puzzle game, and they are a bit arbitrary, making the playing field seem more confusing than it actually is. The levels do gradually introduce the gameplay to make it easier to get started. The registered version contains a level editor but unfortunately it's not available in the shareware version.
====[ MICRO! DELUXE ]====[ version 1.0 ]====
An enjoyable puzzle / logic game. Help Micro
rotate and move mirrors, push obstacles, and
throw  switches  to  advance   through  many
levels of play. Features include 3D rendered
256-color  VGA graphics,  a large  scrolling
playfield, and many unique levels. Supports:
SB/Adlib/MT-32/PC speaker/joystick, for  286
or faster. Shareware game by Acumen Software

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