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Cyberbox screenshot
Cyberbox gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3
The Continuing Adventures of Cyberbox is a game where you push around boxes to try to get to the exit. Despite it's somewhat lacking graphics, it is innovative because of the many different types of boxes and the many different puzzle areas. It's also fairly easy to configure, so you can tailor it to your own tastes. (Note: The full title of this game is "The Continuing Adventures of Cyberbox", and it is a remake of the original game by Doug Beeferman. Visit his site to download the original, and its sequel, Cyberbox 2.)
A thought-provoking puzzle!  The object is to 
escape from each of 15 rooms, ideally as 
efficiently as you can, by pushing and 
pulling boxes around.  There are plenty of
options and features - you can change your
screen colors, animation speed, cursor 
image, and much more!  Note that quick 
reflexes are not required here - only your 
resourcefulness!  A comprehensive and 
complete documentation file is enclosed.  A 
puzzle editor is included to edit or create 
your own puzzles to solve.  Note that if you 
enjoy the program, many additional puzzles 
are available.  Be careful.  This is a very 
addicting game!

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