News (8/4/2005):
"Suggest A Game", has now been added to the toolbar on the right. :)

News (6/2/2005):
Updated the scoring display.
1 Platform Game Added
Alien Carnage
1 Action Game Added
Brudal Battle: The Quest for Talis Ra

News (1/16/2005):
Report A Broken Link and Submit a Review are now fully operational, again. The download page has been updated. No new games.

News (1/12/2005):
We Now Have 200+ DOS Games!
8 new Action Games:
In Search of Dr. Riptide
Night Raid
Time Slaughter
Traffic Department 2192
3 - Demon
1 new Adventure Game:
Secret Agent: The Hunt For Red Rock Rover
1 new Sport Game:
5 new RPG Games:
Goblins2: The Prince Bafoon
Vampire: Talisman of Invocation
2 new Strategy Games:
Laser Chess
Redhook's Revenge
1 new Puzzle Game:
1 new 3D Shooter:
Line Wars2

News (1/10/2005):
Fixed! All primary hosted files are now back on the server, Enjoy!

News (1/6/2005):
The Music Player, MUSIC as seen on the top of the page, now has over 40 themes from various DOSGames! So stop complaining about my poor selection! ;) I'll have more songs coming later!

News (12/31/2004): has upgraded their server! So I have to reupload most things around the site. So all Primary Hosted games and editors will not be available for a time.

News (12/7/2004):
As you may have noticed, Bobo's DOSGames is now running PHP. My first coding for Bobo's DOSGames include an actual working hit counter (the old one used to glitch at every hundred or so hits... don't look at me).

News (10/24/2004):
You can now view full-rez screenshots (text-based games only).

News (10/20/2004):
Sorry, but we will no longer be carrying Commander Keen: The Armageddon Machine.

News (10/18/2004):
Added a hit counter to the bottom right.

News (10/17/2004):
Decided to add 10 new games. We now have Gorillas: Deluxe Edition
1 new Action Game:
Gorillas: Deluxe Edition
6 new Adventure Games:
Commander Keen: Marooned On Mars
Commander Keen: Keen Must Die
Commander Keen: The Earth Explodes
Commander Keen: Secret Of The Oracle
Commander Keen: The Armageddon Machine
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
2 new Platform Games:
Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave 2
1 new Puzzle Game:

News (10/16/2004):
Bobo's DOSGames has now reach 20000+ hits! Boo-Yeah!
To celebrate this monumental event. I have built a new style for the site!

News (9/8/2004):
10/16/2004 Database of Games, system update.
New Editor Added:
CONstruct 1.1, By Jonathan Conway

News (8/30/2004):
New Scoring system added.
Reviews added by AKHershy for:
Abrams Battle Tank
Alien Phobia
Alien Trilogy
Wolfenstein 3D

News (8/1/2004):
2 Action Games Added:
Off Road
4 Adventure Games Added:
Crystal Caves
Zork: The Great Underground Empire
Zork2: The Wizard of Frobozz
Zork3: The Dungeon Master
2 Puzzle Games Added:
4 Sports Games Added:
Campaign Baseball
Four Hills
PC Darts
Power Putt
1 Strategy Game Added:
Master of Magic

News (7/22/2004):
The Music Player has been update. It now has volume control! All non-dosgame music have been deleted.

News (7/20/2004):
Extreme Gaming has released the DOSGames XP DataBase!

News (7/14/2004):
We Have More Then 160 Games!
Added a new function to the download page. It may now handle two screenshots at a time!
Added the Adventure section!
Added a screenshot for Shadow Knight
2 Action Games Added
Highway Hunter
4 RPG Games Added
Joyous Rebel
5 Strategy Games Added
Scorched Earth
Worm Wars
1 3D Shooters Game Added
Over Lord
7 Adventure Games Added
Enchanted Castle
JRR Tolkein: Hobbit
Hugo: House of Horrors
Hugo: WhoDunnit?
Hugo: Jungle of Doom
2 Platform Games Added
Electro Man

News (7/6/2004):
Sorry, I got the original X-Com name wrong. Instead of X-Com: UFO Defence, it's X-Com: Terran Defense Force
I have gotten a few reports about X-Com: Terran Defense Force's installer being corrupt. I have re-packed the zip file. So everything should be working.
1 New Platform Game Added-
Shadow Knight

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