GDL - Editors
By: Chris Jones
In CivCheat you can change the abilities of units, give yourself more money, or even take over a computer player. Info

Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem Level Editor
By: Bryan Rodgers
Edits the Levels for Duke Nukem 1 Info

Duke Nukem 3D
Animation Viewer V2.0
By: Samiel
Just a .anm file viewer Info
Artview3 V1.2 (Release 3)
By: Samiel
An .art file viewer and converter (converts it to .pcx format) Info
CONstruct 1.1
By: Jonathan Conway
One of the best CON editors out there! Windows Info
By: Charlie Wiederhold
A nice RTS file making program Info
DukeMatch'er V1.12
By: Peter Reinhold
Another front-end for Duke3D Info
Duke Menu
By: Jennifer Lynn
DOS based front-end for Duke3D, Build, EditArt, Wad2Map and 2 user defined programs Info
Duke Nukem 3D Build Quick Menu
By: Jennifer Lynn
DOS based front-end for Duke3D and Build. Very useful program! Not too much overhead  Rev.3/1 - Rev.2 Info
By: Peter Gerber
The best Duke3D art editor out there. Windows Info
EditCon V2
By: Charlie Wiederhold
A .con file editor Info
Episoder V2.2
By: Charlie Wiederhold
Creates episodes from an arbirary set of maps Info
Group File Studio
By: Jonah and Gary Bishop
Import and Export anything inside the grp file. (GFS) Info
3DGame-Menu V1.61
By: David Maisonave
More powerful duke launcher/editor than dukeedit but much more overhead. Info

One Must Fall 2097
AF Compiler V2.01
By: Vulture
Allows you to Compile and Decompile AF files (robots) Info
Character & Tournament Hacker
By: Chaos BlackMajik
It is the best Windows character/tournment hacker out there Info
Chronos Module Converter 1.01
By: UnKnown
Convertas PSM, DSM, RIFF, DSM and MTM files to DSM, CCM and S3M files. Info
OMF Character Editor
By: DosAscii
Edit your save game by changing your settings; money, power etc. Info
OMF Character Modifier
By: Unknown
Edit your save game by chaging your settings; money, robot. Info
By: Unknown
The best save game editor, edits; name, number of wins, number of loses, rank, money, difficulty, the robot's level of upgrades and your character's skills. Info
OMF Move Extractor
By: Unknown
A program that can scan through your robot's files and extract, possible moves from it. (Source code included) Info
Sprite Offset Setter
By: Vuen
If you want to create your own bot, you will need this program. Also, you can use it to edit a decompiled 'bot. Info
Tournament Compiler
By: UnKnown
A tournament compiler. Nothing more and nothing less. Info
Tournament Editor
By: Mystic Master
Windows Tournament Editor. Requires the Tournament Compiler. Info

Wolfenstein 3D
By: Unknown
A mission Creator for Wolfenstein3D Info
By: Unknown
Edits Textures, Maps, and Sounds. This link goes to the site where you can download it. The Best editor for Wolf3D yet!!! Info
Wolfenstein3D - Cheat Starter
By: Bobo Macklhamin
Only for the Full-Version of Wolf3d. Info
Mapedit V1.6
By: Unknown
Old Map Editor Info
Mapedit V4.2
By: Unknown
Old Map Editor Info
Mapedit V7
By: Unknown
Editor only for the Full-Version of Spear of Destiny and Wolfenstein3D Info
Mapedit V7.2
By: Unknown
V7 hacked to edit the shareware version of Spear of Destiny and Wolfenstein3D Info
Mapedit V8.4
By: Unknown
Edits Wolf3D/SOD, Blake Stone: 1 & 2, Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, Operation Body Count, Full-version games only! Info
E-Edit V1.2
By: Unknown
A Texture editor, plays and somewhat edits sounds Info
Wolfedit 1.1
By: Bill Kirby
A Texture editor Info

X-Com: Terran Defense Force
X-Com Save Game Editor
By: JL Enterprises
Cheat by edititing your save game Info

X-Com2: Terror From The Deep
X-Com2 Editor
By: Jeff Lawson
Edits: Advanced, Buildings, Objects, and Tactical Info

Misc Editors
Universal Game Editor
By: UnKnown
Edits Civilization, Betrayal at Krondor, Master of Orion, Lands of Lore and OMF. Info
By: Creative Labs
DOS sound file conversion tool Info
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